Johnny’s Auto Electric $169 Basic Diagnostic Check

Johnny's Auto Electric $149 Basic Diagnostic Check

Johnny’s Auto Electric $169 Basic Diagnostic Check

What’s Included: The first hour of (Billable) time used, and covers data access fees, supply charges and state sales tax.

Includes everything required for the first hour by a professional auto electrician. Get the real answers you need, to make smarter choices, concerning your vehicle. Only $169.00

Your assigned Automotive Electrical Technician (Auto Electrician)
Will, pull necessary electrical schematics from our library of data bases as well as available, technical bulletins, manufacturer recalls and other relative repair data for your vehicle’s symptoms and attempt to verify your concerns. NOTE: Electricians Communication with you at this time may be needed. (Telephone or e-mail)
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Vehicles that can be safely and legally operated will be given a short test drive, weather permitting.
Next, Because the very heart, of your vehicle’s electrical system, IS the Battery, we will begin diagnostic discovery there.

Today’s highly technical vehicles have scores of computers, multi-line bus communication networks, switches and relays, and multiple microprocessors. Having the correct battery voltage is absolutely critical because many of these devices run on very minute voltages.
(Think 1/000 or 1 one, one thousandth of one volt)

So, if the battery voltage is incorrect no further diagnostic result can or should be trusted. Battery is the beginning and end of all vehicular electrical circuits!
Your highly trained and well-experienced electrician will now test your vehicles batteries: state of charge, condition of connections, perform a carbon pile battery load test as well as testing your vehicles charging system (Alternator) and cranking system (Starter)
(THEE 3 most critical components of your electrical system.)

Your electrician will pull and document all retrievable diagnostic trouble codes (DTC’s) from each of your vehicles computer modules that report, document their findings, and perform an overview performance overview data scan. (What do the computers say?)

Note: Todays modern automobiles can have more than 100 different Computer/Modules, and multiple communication networks and guesswork can indeed be costly.
Your Electrician will now devote an additional 30 minutes towards your specific concerns and will report their findings back to you.
All billable time is now segmented or “Broken Down” into 1/10 or tenths of an hour, or billable units. Each unit consumes 6 minutes or 1/10 (one-tenth) of an hour.
So… Including Tax, each Unit is billed at 12.81 per 6-minute unit. 10 Billable units or 1 Billable Hour is therefore $128.10 (After 1st hr)

All Parts, Materials, Petroleums, and Programming Data are additional and will be defined by your service consultant, or your personal vehicle electrician.
Unless otherwise noted our warranty is for 1 Year, (12Months) with NO Mileage limitations

Johnnys Auto and Marine Electric

Johnny's Auto & Marine Electric Service means quality work. We take pride in everything we do. We can also service your marine electric system! Location: 1573 Mechanical Blvd, Garner, NC 27529 Phone: (919) 661-1553 When you need auto electric service, who do you call? Your electrical system is more than just your battery, and as computerized controls are installed in more vehicles, and becoming more important to those vehicles, it's never been more important to ensure that your auto electric system is in peak condition. Small voltage fluctuations today could be a crisis on the road tomorrow. If you need any sort of electric service on your vehicle, we urge you to call us today.